Clash of Dreams – Private Server Mod APK

Clash of Dreams – Private Server Mod APK

Clash of Dreams private server

If you have a dream, a dream to collect all trophies and gems, a dream to have the best village base of Clash of Clans one has ever seen, a private server is all you need.

If you are a hardcore Clasher, you would have heard the name of Clash of Dreams. It is a dedicated private server that enables the players to enjoy Clash of Clans with a lot of exciting modifications. It would be quite right to say that dreams of almost all the Clashers come true by playing Clash of Dreams.

While playing the game hosted on this dedicated server, you do not need to wait for the troops to unlock or the gold collector to fill to upgrade buildings. Instead, all the resources are unlocked from the beginning of the game. This server helps the players to discover new resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir in no time. The town hall, the builder, and the night mode of this private server gives you an unimaginable pleasure. Moreover, the rich user experience of this server makes it one of the best Clash of Clans private server. The only reason this server is not so common is because of its low server response.

Download and Install

The Dream server is available both for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free. The process of installing the APK of this server is pretty straightforward on Android, but on iOS it requires a jailbreak.

You do not have to make any in-app purchases to have gems and gold as the server modifies the original application code to provide unlimited resources. Clash of Dreams for Android can be downloaded after enabling the device to accept third-party downloads. For iOS, Clash of Dream installation is only possible if you break the security settings, which we do not recommend as the device becomes highly susceptible to malware attacks.

Installation of the game is straightforward and easy. Once you have downloaded the Clash of Dreams APK, clicking the downloaded file will start the installation process which will take a few seconds. Here, one thing to keep in mind always is that you will find Clash of dream mod apk on this server which is entirely different from the original game. This is mainly because the mod version of the game provides you with unlimited resources.

Clash of Dreams mod apk can also work on PC with the help of Andy emulator. Install Andy from its official site.  You can then visit this site to download the apk file on your desktop and then import it to Andy for installation.


For the ultimate experience of the game, you must be familiar with its features. Following are some of the features of Clash of Dreams.

1. Unlimited Resources

The first and most relevant feature of this server is the availability of unlimited resources. In fact, it is the plus point of this server that it has nothing to do with Supercell’s original server which does not allow the players to enjoy the game because of the restricted access.

In the original game, the players have to wait for long periods, which can range from an hour to days, to unlock the resources. On the other hand, the players playing game hosted on this server can enjoy the game from the very beginning because of the untapped resource filled in all the collectors in the game. These resources help the players to devise new strategies to fight with the opponents. Clash of dreams version 4.0 even provides the players with new commands like ‘refill.’ These commands prove to be helpful when all the resources are consumed.

2. Unlimited Gems, Custom Buildings, and Heroes

Like many other top servers, Clash of Dreams extends the gaming experience of the players by providing unlimited gems, custom buildings, and even the heroes. The ability to build custom buildings helps the players to change the overall structure of the game. The click of a button provides you with maxed out heroes that help you in building structures. In the original game, some of these resources are limited, and some need the up-gradation to the next level.

3. Super Fast Speed Servers

Another prominent feature of this server is that it has minimal connection errors and maintains its top speed throughout the game. The Dream server has over 68 Gigabytes of RAM and a very powerful Xenon processor to serve a large user base. Even the increase in the number of players cannot slow down its speed. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that the server has gone through many testing phases over the period. The results of those tests have proved beneficial in improving the overall performance of the server.

4. Build Time

Zero build time is also touted feature of this server. You can maximize your buildings, troops, heroes and town halls with just one click. Here, it is also important to mention that you have to wait for months to max out your resources. Clash of Dreams 2019 has brought about many upgrades in Town halls. It would be quite right to say that latest upgrade in the server brings Clash of Dreams with town hall 12 to strengthen your defense.

Know for features of this private server as well as others like Clash of Magic, Lights, Souls, etc. in this video from Clash Z [2]

Clash of Dreams for PC

If you really want to enjoy the game, play it on a PC with the help of an Android emulator. Installation of BlueStack(an Android Emulator) increases the charm of the game because of the performance that desktop computers provide. Download and installation of the game on a PC are also simple and easy. Download the Clash of Dreams Mod apk and install it by exploring the file in BlueStack application. The installation will complete in a few seconds. Now, click the app and enjoy.

100% effective, high security, 27/7 availability are some of the reasons you should think of choosing COD as your private server.

Happy Clashing! 🙂

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