Clash of Magic – Private Server S1, S2, S3, S4 [Download]

Clash of Magic – Private Server S1, S2, S3, S4 [Download]

clash of magic private server

It took me more than 6 months to reach a maxed out town hall level 10 when I spent an average of 2-3 hours daily in the game. That sums up for over 360 hours, that’s a lot, right?

If you don’t wish to spend that much of time on the game, you can alternatively opt for downloading Clash of Magic Private Server. Does that ring a bell?

Yes, it is one of the most popular private servers on the internet, and it’s truly winning hearts with its amazing features. The question arising here is, is Clash of magic APK free to use? Yes, it is totally free of cost. Red alert? No, the developers are making enough money to keep the server running through revenue generated by crazy user traffic.

So, I am dropping below a link to this fantastic application where you can download Clash of Magic Private Server APK:

If you are still not convinced, read further to know why this application should be in your app drawer.

What is Clash of Magic?

Clash of Magic is just like any other private server which hosts Clash of Clans. Clash of Magic, however, is in no way connected to the original Supercell server and its players. So, if you are worried about getting banned for this application, you shouldn’t. Clash of Magic hosts Clash of Clans on its server which separately stores user data and game progress. Clash of Magic Private server works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices without any connectivity issues. Clash of Magic’s fast server ensures a bug and lag-free experience.

Another alternative is Clash of Lights Private server which we discussed in our previous article. Both are pretty much similar; however, there are few additional features in Clash of Magic which will be addressed under next heading.

How to Install?

Installing Clash of Magic on your device is a piece of cake. However, your device should fulfill the requirements mentioned below:

  1. Your machine should be running Android v4.0.3 or higher.
  2. 100MB of local storage.

Steps for Installation

  1. Head to your phone settings and turn on installations from unknown sources.
  2. Uninstall any other previous version of Clash of Clans from our device.
  3. Install Clash of Lights APK that you downloaded from the link mentioned above by granting all the required permissions.
  4. Once the installation is complete, enjoy Clash of Magic Private Server APK with unlimited resources.

Clash of Magic features

  • Unlimited Gold: Just as Clash of Lights, Clash of Magic uses gold as the medium to buy different items in the game. From building defense structures to upgrading your town hall, gold plays its role everywhere. With the gold that you get with Clash of Magic APK, you can spend it without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited Elixir: Among the two primary resources is Elixir. Elixir is used to train troops and upgrade spells. On the official server, the player has to attack goblin villages to get elixir and gold. But with Magic server, you can get thousands of collectors filled with the elixir. Everything related to your troops can be managed by elixir, be it training your troops or upgrading them to a higher level. Elixir can also be utilized to enhance your gold storage and walls. With unlimited elixir, find out your best troop combination and thrash your enemy.
  • Unlimited Gems: Not spending gems wisely can land you cause issues when your villages base grows large. Gems can not only be utilized to obtain builders for your base but can also be used for fastening your base operations like army training, building upgrades and other stuff. Feel free to use as many gems as you want with the unlimited gems feature of Clash of Lights Server.
  • Zero Build time: One of the most time-consuming tasks in Clash of Clans are upgrades which can take up to weeks or even a month. Save your day by little to no build time feature of Clash of Magic Server.
  • Magic Items: Boost your barracks, army and other resource generators with unlimited magic items in the game. Magic items include books and magic potions. Potions improve your overall performance in the game and are hard to earn in the original version of Clash of Clans.

How Clash of Magic Server Works?

Clash of Magic private server is hosted on Amazon Web Services which is the core reason for its 24×7 up time. The best of AWS servers back up the Clash of Magic which makes it easy for the developers to handle such a large amount of traffic. Some of the instances of Clash of Magic like S1, S2 are hosted on shared servers with good performance. All user details are stored in the Amazon NOSQL dynomoDB database. Along with Amazon web services, Apple and Google also provide backend services for apps and games. For example, Google App Engine is one of the services which powers the services used by Rovio Games and Ubisoft.

Configurations of Clash of Magic private server

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM.
  • 8 GHz CPU.
  • 1024 GB SSD.
  • DDoS Protection
  • 4 different servers including S1, S2, S3, and S4.
  • 24×7 uptime.

Types of Clash of Magic Servers

S1, S2, S3, and S4 are instances of the original Clash of Magic servers. The Clash of Magic Launcher app is used to start building villages in these servers. The apk file of the launcher app and each instance is given below.

Download Clash of Magic S1

Clash of Magic S1 (RC4), also known as The Black Magic is a highly customizable private server. You can build custom buildings with unlimited resources availed by the app. Not only structure, but you can also create custom heroes to your preferences.

Download Clash of Magic S2

The second server on the list is Clash of Magic S2, also known as The Hall of Magic. With almost everything in common with its other sibling Clash of Magic S1, it boasts nearly the same features. The Hall of Magic provides unlimited coins, elixir and dark elixir too.

Download Clash of Magic S3

The next one in the parade is Clash of Magic S3. Sharing some traits with The Hall of magic, it is also known as the Occult. Occult limits the modification one can do and offers a specific amount of coins, elixir and dark elixir.

Download Clash of Magic S4

The last one on the list is Clash of Magic S4, popularly known as The Book of Magic. S4 allows the user to generate unlimited resources in the game including coins, elixir, dark elixir and gems. However, the amount of custom buildings you can create is limited to the same extent as of the original version of Clash of Clans. So, if you are a heavy decorator, this might not be the best fit for you.


Clash of Magic is undoubtedly one of the best private servers to play Clash of Clans. Above that, it also provides several options with its 4 different variants of the game. All of them are different but you will be able to figure out the best fit for your requirement from our guide. Clash of Magic is in no way connected to the Supercell server which saves you from getting banned. Clash of Clans’ policies acts strictly against any illegal means to obtain resources in the game. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick way to escalate in the game without any efforts, Clash of Magic Private Server APK will save your day.

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