Clash of Null – With TH12 Update [v10.322/v8.709.16]

Clash of Null – With TH12 Update [v10.322/v8.709.16]

Clash of Null Private server

If we look at the exponential growth graph of Clash of Clans, it has always been on a hike. Every success of Clash of Clans is justified as this has been the best strategy game so far. It’s so good that I will choose to play it a 100th time than playing a new strategy game for the first time. Clash of Clans is a perfect balance of good graphics, fantastic gameplay, and connectivity. The game lets you connect with global players. The only downside is the negligible add-ons that it has to offer. For that, a lot of players have been shifting to private servers which brings unlimited resources. Another day and another private server, today we will be talking about one of the best private servers, Clash of Null. So, sit down steady as we will be taking you to the world of Clash of Null today.

What is Clash of Null?

Clash of Null apk is just another Clash of Clans private server that provides unlimited resources for the game like elixir, dark elixir, gold, and gems. How? It works on a private server that doesn’t coincide with the Supercell Server and this way the developers can modify the resource values that appear on their server and has no connection with the original Supercell Server. What’s the stand out feature? The feature that makes Null’s APK stand out from Clash of Souls or FHX like private servers is that it doesn’t force daily updates on you. They come out with timely fashioned updates that aren’t going to bother you daily. If you are a lazy bee, that’s a solid to choose Clash of Null over other private servers. What’s more? Continue reading.

What’s inside Clash of Null APK?

Clash of Null, also known as Null’s Clash promises to provide the best features. I have used it personally, and it seems to work fine. Infrequent updates, reliable server, little to no downtime and most importantly, minimal to zero connectivity issues are the most prominent features of this private server. These are some of the features that sum up the architecture of Null’s Clash. Let’s look inside in the core, here are six such features that sum up the core of Null’s Clash.

  • Unlimited resources: Human nature is to ask more and more. So the developers of Clash of Null APK are providing unlimited resources including all the major currencies in the game like elixir, dark elixir, gold, and gems. So, next time your stash is empty, well it won’t be in the first place. Cheers to that.
  • No starter training: One of the most irritating things is the starter training which forces you for some practice for the first time you open the game. Well, with Clash of Null APK, you can directly jump to the base and start clashing.
  • Global and Clan Chat feature: Well, if you are a social butterfly and like to make connections then this is a feature that you’d love. It provides a direct messaging platform for the players to connect with their clanmates and other global players.
  • TH 12 troops available: Some of the private aren’t supporting TH 12 and its related contents yet. However, Clash of Null APK fully supports Town Hall 12 and its troops. Who’s the Clash Master, eh?
  • Fast Server: Another good thing about the Clash of Null is its server’s fast speed. The server is based on powerful processors that can handle high user traffic well and thus, resulting in no connectivity failure.
  • Infrequent Updates: Most of the private servers pushes regular updates which can be irritating sometimes. However, Clash of Null rolls out updates infrequently even after it provides infrequent updates, Clash of Null plays a hand to hand with the content of the original Clash of Clans.

Clash of Null 709 Download

The latest version of the game, Clash of Null 8.709.16 goes by the alias name Clash of Null 709 dropapk. The newest version supports TH12 and all the updated content. If you’re looking for a reliable link to download Clash of Null latest version, head to the following link:

Steps for installation

  1. After a successful download of the Clash of Null apk, head to your phone settings and under privacy menu, turn on installation from unknown sources.
  2. After installation is complete, allow access to required permissions for better performance.
  3. Enjoy Clash of Clans with unlimited resources.


Clash of Null is indeed a robust and stable private server capable of handling a hefty amount of users in one go. If you don’t have frequent access to the internet or too lazy to update the game daily, Clash of Null APK is the best to go with. With unlimited resources, you can enjoy the game in the way you wish. Upgrade all structures in no time, create robust armies, strengthen your defense and get clashing.

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